I built this PC so that I would have a solid gaming desktop to take the burden off of my gaming laptop, a Toshiba Qosmio x775-q7272. There were a few things I borrowed from an older desktop that I had. These parts were the 2TB hard drive with Windows 8.1 pro my Mouse and Keyboard that are both Logitech. I was very impressed with the case. I also love the on-board WIFI and the ability to RDP into my computer with my Samsung Galaxy S4 by using the ASUS app "WIFI Go! Remote." The bluray drive I bought, from Amazon, had an option for $30 more to come with bluray playback software which is a huge savings since that software could cost a good deal of money.

I only had a few minor issues. These were that the software that came with the motherboard does not fully work with Windows 8.1 and the updated software on their website from some reason doesn't seem to install everything. The other odd thing is that with the AI Suite II software from ASUS, it shows that my Chassis Fan 1 and 2 are running a little low in the RPM range since they are yellow instead of white. However, even under stress my PC's temperatures run normal. Lastly my Logitech G430's 7.1 software surround sound does not seem to work. USB does not seem to work. They still sound great in analog operation.

All in all I think this is a great PC and that the guidance of this website aided in finding the best compatible parts for the best price.


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I know this comment is a bit late but you should really work on the cable management. I have that same case at the moment and there should be plenty of room behind the mobo for your cables. It would also improve air flow a ton.