Hello lads and lases, welcome to my build! So the story go's that I’ve been planning on building a PC for over 2, almost 3 years now I think of it, and, to be honest, I'm glad I waited because my needs and understanding have changed dramatically in those few years. I don't know why, maybe it's because I'm 15 (almost 16 mind :) ) and have been gaming for the last 8 years, (I say gaming, but its more like molesting sheep in Minecraft and finding hookers in GTA) but I've had an urge to be more useful than sit around and watch dodgy online movies.

Like what you might ask? Well I game, that's the base reason for this build: to game, games from Minecraft to Battlefield and everything in between. What else then? Well recently I've developed an interest in creating a YouTube channel, so that happened even though I vaguely resemble a blended potato in my videos therefore I hoped this PC would help there. Something I have also been playing around with is Blender which is 3D “computer graphics software” (I'm not going to lie, this came about after watching to much Transformers) anyway I got into it but my laptop heated up enough to melt the polar ice cap, so that was a no-go. Other stuff: Music Production(?), movies, heavy internet browsing (open a tab, forget about said tab, repeat 150 times), coding and school work (coding). Forgot to mention special FX and film production, but that's just theory at the moment.

So the parts: fairly standard, based on reviews and recommendations, but the was a spec that had to be met, and I mean had to.

-Perform all tasks flawlessly( heavy rendering, gaming, modelling, etc.) -Look good too, as in really nice. I have this on my desk so it was fairly important to me. -Quiet, as in really quiet. This is because I might have to keep it on overnight during renders and uploads, in my room... where I sleep. -(Relatively) future proof. I don't know how this is going to pan out as my uses could change, but 5 years maybe? If I drop in another graphics card later? Advice?

So I raided the piggy bank and this is it. Have look at my parts ;)

CPU: This wasn't a decision taken lightly. Was going to be a 3570k (2 years ago) and now it's i7. Devils canyon seemed too good to be true – 4.0Ghz?? So I jumped and haven’t looked back. I will attempt some light overclocking maybe to 4.5, but so far I haven’t needed. (I've only got it to 25% load)

CPU Cooler: Purely because of the rave reviews that are splashed all over forums. I also am using corsair link and this seemed to be the only duel-rad to support that thing from corsair (btw, I actually like link). NOTE: The backplate wobbled on the EXTREME4 meaning the wasn't a good seal on the CPU-fixed with rubber washers.

Motherboard: Bit worried that Asrock were going to be dodgy, but then I found out the were like a “cheapy” sub-division of Asus (correct me if I'm wrong). Support for everything I need- no extras or gimmicks, just the board. The bios was really easy to work with too and I really am a fan of the style too. Would recommend.

RAM: For rendering, not just videos, 3D models too. I though people were nuts when they recommended 64 and 32GB kits, so I got what I can afford (and was blue). I really will not lie: I had no idea about ram (wtf is CAS anyway?? ;) so I got 16GB low cas and 1866 because it was only £5 more than 1600.

Storage: I don't use a lot programs wise, so an SSD made sense. It's great: I can now be on the desktop in 5 seconds and then brag about it. HDD was necessary for files/videos/projects. The green was cheap and from a reliable manufacturer. Speeds not a problem as I can just let it read and write while I do other stuff.

GPU: Ahhhhhhh yes: the graphics card, the pride and joy, the crown jewels, the tank..... and it just sits there, doing nothing. Let me explain: the fans don't start until it reaches 60°C (simple). It's really good when I think about it because only the most intense game and programs make it reach these temps and when it does spin, it's silent anyway. I'm glad I waited for the 980 (especially from EVGA, not too flashy) over the 780ti. Amazing

Case: Maybe not the best choice. Don't get me wrong, the case is amazing, it's just I could have gotten away with a smaller one. Nevermind, it will be great when I fill up the hard drives and add a second graphics card, not to mention learn to build a custom water cooled loop (and fail)

PSU: It's a power supply.

Optical drive: Blu-ray because the are a lot of blu-rays lying around and I still live in an area where broadband connections reaching 1Mb/s is considered a miracle (that’s not even a joke).

Fan: The fans that came with the case are quieter than I expected (compared to my hurricane of a laptop) but these go nicely with the colour not to mention are quieter still than the stock ones, especially on the H100i.

Aaannnnnddd the HUE. I felt a fraction of guilt when I got this because it is the only part I got purely for the looks. I don't regret it. Picked up for a bargain (forgotten where) and it works well, even when lighting up the canyon of space left in the 750D. It gives the effect of the air glowing inside the case and looks incredible in the dark. Only problem it the sticky back tape is bad.

As for peripherals (if anyone’s still reading at this point): two ASUS MX239H's that work well and look sexy, Corsair M65 mouse- good nothing major. And then the corsair K70 RGB. Had to get this, from the moment I saw it. Just WOW. Incredible keyboard, but maybe that’s just because I’m used to the sweaty keyboards from school.

So a couple of things: 1. I know half my build is Corsair-I'm not a fanboy their stuff just.... works. 2. I went off on huge one in this write-up so... sorry? 3. Never give up on your dreams. 4. cable management at the back is NOT pretty.

Youtube with build vlog:

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