Ever want a mac, but not the price tag? Do you like the power, but the most powerful (Mac Pro) is WAY overpriced? This machine will run circles, squares, and many other shapes around that Mac Pro for a fraction of the cost. It doesn't look quite as good to some, but it is a ton of power for less money.

Looking for a "Hackintosh" build? This one is set up to boot Mac OSX on a SSD and have a 1TB slave drive and 2 TB backup drive. What is a Hackintosh? Basically, its anything apple doesn't sell that has their operating system on it. There are many tutorials and guides on making and building and choosing. I made this because I couldn't find one made.

As of June 2015, TonyMacx86 recommended (most of) these parts as being fully compatible with the Mac OSX software. I have since upgraded to a better graphics card I got a good deal on, the GTX 960 G1 Gaming. I've read great things about this card, and a friend has one, so we will see how well it works over time.

Why 1 SSD AND 2 HDDs?

Having a Solid State Drive for the operating system and major programs (Applications) is an amazing benefit in speed and reliability. Often computers seem slow because of drives aging or filling up. When a drive fills up, the system has to index all of the files (or attempts to, unless you're savvy enough to turn that off. Then you have THAT slowness to worry about). With a system indexing several hundred Gigabytes of files, yeah, things slow down. That's where the 1TB slave drive comes in. I store the operating system and applications (Photoshop, etc.) on my SSD, and all of my files (RAW photos, JPGs, MP4s, etc.) on my slave drive. To offer more lossless security, I also placed a 2TB internal drive into my build to run with Time Machine, a backup agent for Mac OSX, to securely backup all of my files, with room to spare in case I want to add more drives. So, yeah, that's why 1 SSD and 2 HDDs.

Any questions? Just ask. Suggestions? Just tell. This is my current setup.

Part Reviews


One BEAST of a processor. I don't foresee myself needed another one for many years, for it is ridiculously fast, and not too terribly expensive. Definitely would buy this again. Great for a high end build.


It is not quite frameless with the monitor turned on, as it has a 0.5" border around it, but it IS bezel less, and looks incredible. Accurate colors, crisp text, and a extremely fast response time. If you have a little wiggle room in your budget, I highly recommend it.


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