This is what started out as a single 660, under $900 build. I guess this is what happens when your brother suddenly upgrades his 650Ti Boost to a 760. I couldn't just have the second best computer in the house, now could I?

Sorry for the ****** cell phone build pictures.


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Does this build come with every thing you would need for the sli and cables and stuff? Like, did you have to buy anything else to complete it? i dont really know, im just kind a getting into computer gaming, and i just got a stock pc, and i thought i would make this my next goal, if there is, could you pm me what else i would need, im an early planner, lol. Thank you, and i hope you see this

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Hey, really sorry that I'm just now getting back to you on this, but, no it didn't. Sometimes you can find a 660Ti SLi package on Newegg or Amazon and I would assume that would come with an SLi bridge, it will say in the description. If you buy the cards separately then you will also have to buy the SLi bridge on it's own too.