Yo, so this is a computer. I play games with it. Ok perhaps I should say some stuff about it then huh? Well, for starters I got all the parts from micro center, and they were all a bit cheaper than the parts online at the time (also it was quicker obviously)

Since my dad didn't have quite enough dosh available to use, we only bought the case and CPU for the computer in July and I had to wait almost a month for it to be finished but hey, it was worth it. though I do have some annoyances with it that I shouldn’t have done in hindsight.

CPU: pretty epic I would say :3

Motherboard: it's ok but gigabyte's RGB software isn't the greatest. I should've gotten one that supported up to 3600 MHz speeds or higher to be honest. --also, the XMP profile causes programs to be very unstable and IDK why that happens is it just a feature of XMP in general?-- edit: this only happens when the memory speed is set to 3000 MHz.

Ram: not much to say about it TBH but 3600 MHz would be better.

Video card: don't get me wrong, the 580 is a good card, but I kinda wish I opted for a 590 or 1660ti at the time since those preform much better for only like, 40 bucks more. (edit: a 5600xt or 1660 super would be even better but those were not out yet when I got my card and it wouldn't be that much of an upgrade right now. Also, the 590 is an even better deal due to the 5500 and 5600 being released)

Case: --god the airflow sucks on this thing! It looks pretty but damn I have to take the front panel off every time I want to play a game that's even slightly intensive so the computer doesn't commit sudoku on me. hopefully I will be able to switch to a different case like an h510 or something.-- actually it's not that bad but I would still get something better

Keyboard: I got the keyboard as a referb, so it was pretty much half the price. It's pretty darn nice though.

Mouse: Simple and lightweight. I think I should've gotten a Corsair mouse so that I wouldn't have to have two separate programs for my KB and mouse though.

Part Reviews


pretty good price for something that preforms this well


has plenty of good features and a decent bios but gigabyte's RGB software is horrible! also, the XMP on this seems to cause some games to be unstable, but that could be an error on my part or my memory

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daaaammmnnn, that thing is OK af.