I've been wanting to build my own computer for a long time now and found a good video tutorial for this build on YouTube so I decided to finally have a go. It was surprsingly easy with the incredible help from the Tutorial:!

I love my computer, it runs great and am so thankful for PCPartPicker!

Now I need to work on getting a better Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and Sound System, heh


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I agree, the psu will hurt you when you go to upgrade, but for now it's nice to see a balanced budget build like this one! Suggestion for a sound system: visit the local recycling center or even dump, I found a perfectly good surround sound system from the 90's (possible 80's, god knows when) and it sounds AMAZING. Best part is I paid $20, and that was just a donation, no pay required.

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Looks good only thing is you might want to upgrade to a 450w or a 500w later on 350w might work for your but if you ever upgrade any of your parts more power will be needed