This is the ultimate budget build. Spent roughly $340 on it totally.

**I got the i5, motherboard, a evo cooler, a HDD (Which happened to match the exact same one I already have, lol) from a trade deal. Traded my dust covered PS4 (It sat on my desk, only played a few times, just didn't like it) for the combo, and also threw in a HD 7870, which I traded a buddy for another i5 lol (3470)

I love the i5, speedy enough for what basic photo editing I do, quick enough for short video renders, and plenty quick enough for all the "demanding" games I play. (American Truck Sim, Euro Truck Sim, mostly sim games, so nothing too hard to run lol)

Bought a Kraken X61 AiO cooler, nzxt because it matches the case. Great cooler, has a bit of noise, but quieter than the evo I had before.

Motherboard is a g45, which happen to be hard to find I/O shields by the way, also this motherboard has horrible coil whine, which you can fix by playing with the bios.

Ram is ram, had a 8gb set laying around, fit perfect in my blue/black build.

SSD I got for free, I won a game key, for "The Division" and I didn't want it, so I traded it for a brand new SSD shipped to my door from a buddy. Pretty great, was going to go bigger, and probably make this build about $400, but that was perfect timing.

2 of the exact same 1tb HDD's, one from a previous build, and one from the trade. The thing aren't that bad, although I think the older one is dying. But that's okay lol

Got a brand new Sapphire Nitro 390 from a friend for $200. Never even opened the box, he ordered it, and then found a Fury X used, and bought it, and he installed it first and never even opened the 390, so I offered 200, he said okay and sent my way, I love this card, stays cool, runs fast, and OC's pretty well. And it idles at 41c, because the fans don't kick on till about 50c, which is pretty cool. Makes barely any noise while doing basic stuff on this PC.

The case is a NZXT S340, blue and black, and is one of the only 2 parts that were bought brand new from online for this build. I bought it because it matched my motherboard, and sata cables I already had, so I thought why not, make a matching budget build. I love this case, it's plain and simple, which I like, I personally don't like flashy cases, and it has great cable management as well.

Got this SeaSonic 660w platinum PSU from someone on craigslist, who never opened it, because it was for his planned home server, but never got around to ordering the rest of the parts, so I got it for $80, brand new, never used, still was taped up and boxed up. This thing is great!

Then my trusty WiFi USB card I've had for shoot, years and years. The thing just keeps going.

Now, I spent probably 340 on this after everything was said and done, but I did sell my 7950 for $185 right before I bought this 390, so I like to think I only spent $15 on the 390 lol, so if I do think that, then I spent a total of.... $155 for an i5/390 gaming rig. I'm pretty impressed with it, and I love doing budget builds, and this is by far my favorite one I've done yet.

Also added a Logitech G710+ with cherry blue keys. Ruined my other keyboard (standard dell one) so I got this for $90.


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+1! A builder after my own heart with the trades and craigslist deals :) Very solid build!! Checkout my builds to see my craigslist builds :)

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Nice! I love budget/craigslist builds haha. Feels far more rewarding than just spending tons of money on parts.

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Great build killer end cost!

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Thank you!