I decide not to play game with creepy laptop anymore. So here comes my build considering both price and performance.

I believe this build is not only competitive in 1K price range but also gorgeous in term of my personal taste. (Tiny and Fierce!)

CPU: Highest level Haswell i5 ~ OC to 4.4GHz with H80i water cooling and Asrock OC preset effortlessly.

GPU: MSI N760 Hawk is the fastest GTX 760 with factory OC 1100Mhz. With afterburner, I even boost it up to 1319Mhz(core) 3208Mhz(memory)

H80i: I like this AIO cooling kit. It takes a little effort to put it into the tiny chassis but the outcome is excellent. With quiet mode, it's not too loud and my cpu is pretty chilled! (I notice H80i can plug in up to 4 fans so I am trying to get another Y cable to connect front intake fans altogether. Then I can use corsair link to manage all fans.)

I am happy to play most of games with Ultra/High setting now! Worth every penny!

P.S. The only thing I regret to purchase is the side window panel because it will dramatically affects graphic card cooling! The difference will be like 10 °C. So don't even try it if you don't have better cooling for your graphic card. The original side panel with vent helps A LOT!!!


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such cute, very budget, powerful very

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Thank you for endorsement.