This was my first PC build. I did the assembly myself. Cable management was easy with this case, but it did take some time because I had no prior experience building PCs. The biggest downside to the Corsair case is that when it is in sleep mode there is a bright blinking white led at the bottom making it annoying to have in the same room where you (the human) sleeps.

Another useful note is that you have to mount the CPU cooler on the side of the case. There is not enough room to get the motherboard in if you mount the CPU cooler on the top of the case.

Mainly used for gaming - Milsims primarily: (Squad) (Hell Let Loose) (Rising Storm) (Arma 3)

Note: Runs squad at an astonishing 130fps on epic settings 🤤

I also use this beast for single player RPGs (Metro Exodus - RTX On) (Kingdom Come) (Witcher 3)

Note: Runs the Witcher 3 at a smooth 110fps on ultra settings. Runs Kingdom Come at 120fps on high settings with fps drops to 95-100 in high populated areas.

Running Kingdom come on Very High and above will see frame rate drop to 60-70fps in high pop areas.

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