This build was created for gaming on two monitors and some coding + graphics. This was my first real build, at the age of 13 i think i did really well on this. This build was paid for by me :D. One thing that broke was the cable to make the top fan red. It broke completly which really made me sad. It powers two aoc 21.5 inch monitors. So far i was able to overclock the i7 4770k to 4.2ghz on the evo and have it run cool.I went with 1 8gb dimm and 1 4gb dimm because i was just gonna get 2*4 but there was a great deal on the 8gb dimm so i snapped it up. Sorry about the pictures but its kinda dark out :D.

CPU:Was a great cpu, performs very well. Had to snap up haswell because my other mobo broke, so i couldnt wait for devils canyons.

Motherboard:Great motherboard nice sound, looks great with my case.

GPU:Runs everything i throw at it in ultra 60fps,

Ram:Pretty solid ram didnt overclock it

SSD:Love it boots very fast

Cooler:Great budget cooler.

I reused from a older build my case, two mechenical drives, optical drive, psu, and some fans.


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Well, you need more pictures, and matching 2 different capacity types of ram isn't necessarily smart. Other than that a decent job.

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I got the 8gb for a good deal, so far seems like its holding up good.

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