Total price below of $1637.16 with slight discount total to $1612 USD (S$2000 SGD as all parts purchase here in Singapore, yes all parts here much expensive) Also I'm not too techy on assembling the whole pc so the shop assemble it for me (i chose the parts of course base on mostly reading here in pcpartpicker and buildapc :) )

No HD yet. (planning to buy next month, only thing installed are the OS, drivers and Neverwinter hehe plus some of the basics) SSD still have free space of 71.5GB.

Have not yet tried to overclock but will try soon. Mainly used for gaming ^

Forgot to take a picture of the whole pc including the montitor (using 32" LED TV, blackwidow keyboard, naga mouse)

Was planning to buy last month for almost exactly the same build using 3570K, Z77 Extreme 4 and GTX 660TI but opted to pay more for the newer versions.

All I can say is I am very happy on this build as I can play my MMORPG games plus some other stuff without going to Min settings, been using laptops for 3 years! i miss using a desktop.

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  • 81 months ago
  • 2 points

I like it I like the look And that it is black Not a bad pc

  • 81 months ago
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Nice build, ssd and all the good things in it!

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