My first Mini ITX build. It fits nicely in my TV stand. I started buying parts back in December, and I got nearly every part on sale. I really wanted the Fractal Node 304 for the case, but the price on the Elite 130 was too good to pass up. I already owned the hard drives.

The SSD is hard to notice in the pics. It is right underneath the ODD bay, you can see a couple of pieces of scotch tape in some pics where it is being held up - I couldn't use the screws because I had to flip the drive in the opposite direction of where it is supposed to face to allow for easier cabling (screws wouldn't go in properly in this direction due to the SSD's height).

Cable management: The non-modular PSU was a bit tricky to work with, though the only cable I didn't use was the PCI-E cable. I managed to get a few of the cables out of the way by tying them to the top rails on the case, and bunching as many as I could in the ODD bay. Airflow from the front fan is relatively unobstructed. As I write this, I'm just now getting around to checking out the other Elite 130 builds on here, and I now see some room for improvement on my cable management.

The motherboard may seem a bit pricey compared to the rest of the parts, but it had the features I wanted: 4 SATA Ports with at least one being SATA 3, and USB 3.0 (as well as the USB 3.0 front header). The WiFi was a bonus :)

I will eventually replace the 500gb drive with a larger one. I was planning on adding a third hard drive and a video card (like a 7750). That will be an adventure if I ever get around to it.


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Good HTPC at an awesome price, good work deal-hunting!


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I like it!

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Thanks for all the awesome pictures on the psu.

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