I'm using this machine mostly for gaming, maybe some productivity here and there but that definitely won't be the primary use :D. This is my first build, and I have to say that I am proud of it. More pictures are to come soon (setup shenanigans and such). Sorry about the lighting, it really sucks in my room.
The parts that I decided to use: 4670k: i got it for $200 dollars at micro center, which was actually really cheap compared to a lot of other vendors. I really like the processor, besides being cheaper than the 4770k i'm also not really planing on using any programs that really make hyper-threading shine. i've overclocked it to 4.5ghz, but i plan to go further. i'm using an h60 for now but im sure that in time i'll have a full custom water cooling loop.

h60: cheap, better than stock, and quiet. could have gone with a h100 but it will work for now.

maximus vi gene: hands down best lga 1150 socket matx mobo. i also love the bios. and the looks.

vengeance 8gb 1866: fast, and 8gb should do me well for gaming. ill probably upgrade to 16 in the future.

840 evo: one of the fastest ssds on the market, and it was very cheap compared to the competition. looks great too.

wd caviar blue 1tb: it was given to my by a friend. i've stored quite a few of my favorite games on the ssd, but i have things like word, autocad, and a few others on it. i don't think ill ever go over 500gbs let alone 1tb.

gtx 770 acx: hands down one of the best coolers (a little better than the twin frozr) on a card that will suit my gaming needs. also looks absolutely beautiful. i may overclock a little but i really dont see the necessity.

350d: best looking matx case (in my opinion) and it also offers a lot of space for components such as long psus or graphics cards. love the build quality as well, definitely something you would expect from corsair.

nex650g: very efficient, definitely enough power for my rig to function perfectly. also love the full modular interface as well as the sleeved cables (not individually sleeved but they still look very nice).

win 8.1: I like the 8.1 update much better, and i also love the incredibly fast boot times i get with the os combined with an ssd.

g700: love the mouse, ive had it for a while but i still love it and i would hands down recommend it.

keyboard: using a logitech g19 my friend gave me but i want a ducky channel shine 3 or, corsair k70 the corsair mx rgb when it comes out.

monitor: using an older dell ultrasharp (1080p) 20inch but ill upgrade to a newer ultrasharp because im a huge fan of that line. Maybe a benq or high end asus instead but for now i love my ultrasharp.


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Love the 350D, sometimes I complain about my 900D being too big.

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I love that case. Nice build, but I love the case. Did I mention that I really like that case?