To start things off, I LOVE the Define R4, just because cable management is super simple and clean.

I carried over parts from my last build to this new case, and I plan on updating the main components to something more 1440p capable, once the market for 144hz 1440p monitors opens up a bit more. Once you get a taste of 144hz, you can't go back D: It seriously helps my gaming ability, especially in TF2.

I'm still waiting to buy a cheap Asetek based CLC to water cool my Classy, since the fans ramp up quite a bit. The windowed R4 doesn't suppress as much sound as the non-windowed version.

As for my GPU, it sure isn't a 980, but it gets the job done for all of the games I throw at it. It clocks fairly high with no core voltage bump, so I can't complain there. Hopefully this 780 will last me another year or two.

I intended to use this machine mainly for gaming, but I've recently took up animating in Source Filmmaker. I'd say that this rig serves its purpose quite well.

On a side note: These speakers are terrible to have in a dorm. I hate being that guy whose music leaks through all of the damn hall. Also, before anyone asks, I managed to price match a clearance price for the Astro A40s to get them that cheap.

Let me know what you guys think! :D

Part Reviews


Does what it needs to do; However, mine doesn't clock very high with low voltages.

CPU Cooler

10/10, effective, and good looking all in one package.

Thermal Compound

Wouldn't change this paste for any other on the market.


The Formula is the centerpiece of my build that actually left me feeling slightly sad when one of the fan headers ultimately catastrophically failed. Other than that, the OC utilities built into the board and the giant VRM heatsink helps keep things in check when pushing a CPU hard.


Clocked high at a decent voltage, does what it needs to do and does it quite well.


Insane value for the money SSD. Almost matches my 840 EVO, but gets blown out of the water by my 850 EVO in sequential read and write.

Video Card

This monster of a card clocks well on air with no voltage change, and can be pushed quite hard when under water. The Classified PCB tends to sag quite a bit without a backplate, however.


The R4 is quite easy to build in and offers quite a bit of variation when it comes to cooling.

Power Supply

While the durability of this PSU is present, the ever present sound of the fan whirring in the background over every single other fan in my case.


Going from 60hz 6 ms response time to this monitor, 144hz at 1 ms GTG is a night and day transition in regards to gaming. The colors are terribly washed out when out of the box, but after a bit of calibration it seems to look just as good as any other monitor out there while still retaining the insane refresh rate and minimal input lag.


Great mouse for those with small-ish hands. It took me a while to adapt my grip from a Steelseries Rival to this. Really upped my game once I got the feel of the mouse memorized.


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Sexy af

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Sweet build, how do you like the monitor? Also i have the same speakers, love em

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A great deal of people seem to be really bothered by how the TN panel doesn't replicate colors well. I don't really mind because I got this monitor with the intention of using it solely to improve my game. In that aspect, it works wonders! I wouldn't think twice about snagging an extra two VG248s at the right price.

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i think a majority of those people might be spoiled by monitors that have great colors, i've seen some folks that say the colors look good to them and such.

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nice, where'd you get those red cables?

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The red VGA power cables? Those came with my NEX650G PSU. :D

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Nice build. I've been looking for the Maximus VI Formula for a build but cant seem to find any were any suggestions on were to buy

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Honestly, if I were you, I would snag it used off of Ebay or Reddit's /r/hardwareswap. You'd find it for around $140-$170 around there. Or if you can, spring for the Formula VII. I managed to get one used for $239 and some change, and it was well worth the upgrade.

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Where did you buy the motherboard

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leaving this comment in case he respond