I bought a prebuilt PC about a year ago because I was scared of building one myself, and it was fine. After some time and looking around at tutorials on YouTube, I decided I wanted to go for it so I bought these parts over a few weeks based on reviews.

Was trying to go for a white/RGB build because I think those look really clean, but I kept with black case fans because I don't want to deal with the extra cables.

Building was easier than expected, and software was much harder to get in order than the hardware.

I've already got some minor upgrades in mind for the future, such as CableMod cables for my GPU, MB, and CPU power cables for a cleaner look, two 140mm intake fans instead of the two 120mm, and a GPU support to prevent future sagging.

Part Reviews


Highly capable productivity and gaming CPU.

CPU Cooler

Perfect size to keep RAM visible to show off rgb lighting if you have that. Decent cooling performance and easy installation.


Nice rgb accents that aren't too much and plenty of features with 2 M.2 drives, one with a nice heat sink. Only thing is I wish the USB 3.0 header was on the right side under the 24 pin power connector where it is on a lot of motherboards.


Clean looks and good performing RAM.

Video Card

Stunning card with the performance to back it up. Great rgb lighting and triple fan cooling solution.


Case went perfect with the whiter and rgb theme I was trying for. Amazing cable management and useful front panel connectors controlling fans speed and lighting.

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  • 1 month ago
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Very nice components and case. Congratulations! Thumbs up from me. Enjoy!