Gaming PC, started with motherboard, cpu, cooler and case. Motherboard I did some research and thought the P67 was more than enough and had all the features I wanted. CPU, 2500k is the essential cookie cutter. Picked the Zalman because I wanted clearance over RAM, which was stupidly irrelevant when I ended up buying new memory later, but also since it had one of the smoothest mirror like surfaces I've seen in coolers. Case was mainly for the aesthetics as well as wanting to get a full tower for more space when installing. Also got a black sony dvd rw, since my last was falling apart.

Had a few problems with getting it running, but after making sure I put the memory fully in, it ran well. Had it running with a XFX 5850 and it was fairly good.

Next, I got the BenQ XL2420T along with my first mechanical keyboard, the QPAD Mk-85. On impulse, since I spotted it on stock, I bought the EVGA GTX 680 SC+, hoping it would make my experience with the 120hz monitor go much better. Not that it reached anywhere near 120 FPS, but performance on BF3 was severely increased to be able to play smoothly without PC hickups. Cherry MX Reds are a treat to type and use with, definitely made the right choice there. Much later go a Filco MJ-2 Ninja with Tactile brown switches, quality of a tank, but I didn't enjoy the switch as much.

Next upgrade was the addition of the SSD along with a new HDD for extra storage. Start ups are very quick now.

Other items I bought include a Nvidia 3d 2 kit, which is fairly nice, personally no headaches but a bit of eye strain. Another set of headphones from Sennheiser, the HD558, upgraded from a gaming headset PC161. Sounds a lot clearer, amazing soundstage. The Logitech G500 to replace my still living G5. Good upgrade, 1 extra side button is helpful for games such as Diablo 3. Mousewheel feels a bit loose, due to being frictionless which is not the best thing for precision. Got the Steelseries 4HD speed (hard) mat and a Steelseries Qck+ control (cloth) mat. The speed mat glides very smoothly, while the control mat there's a lot more friction to help make more precise clicking.

Items I've used from last build include a Creative 2.1 speaker set, 500gb Maxtor HDD, 1tb hitachi HDD, Creative X-fi titanium sound card.

July 2012 - Got a Filco MJ-2 Ninja with Red switches, it has become my main keyboard.

03 Aug 2012 - Replaced the OCZ 700w GameXStream PSU with a Seasonic X-760. Can't believe most of the noise was coming from the PSU before. Better cable management, still not the prettiest.

Feb 2013 - Got a second 680 for sli. Replaced RAM with Samsung 30nm green ram. Added 3TB WD green hdd.


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Great computer setup, passable cable management. Looks like all you need is a bigger desk :)