I built this system slowly over 2 years, for some light gaming and internet use. this was my first build in over 13 years! Lets just say the last machine I built was using EIDE cables for hard drives... Anybody remember AMD Athlon XP cpu's? When I finished the build and got it fully operational, I was very surprised how well it ran and how quiet it was! Windows 10 boots up in about 50 seconds from cold compared to my past system which was several MINUTES!!! Plus when the system is off the RGB ram pulses in the dark. I have it in my bedroom so the light show is soothing! Minecraft plays AMAZINGLY well with fps in the mid 100 to 200's.

Planned upgrades: larger SSD (M.2 NVME), larger hard drive (3tb 7200rpm), and a better case eventually (preferably one with TG window and better airflow).

Part Reviews


Excellent CPU with INSANE bang for the buck value! Those threads definitely help!


The BEST motherboard I have ever used! It was a bit expensive! But you get what you pay for and I love Asus mobo's! The Q connector should come standard on all mobos!


AMAZING bang for the buck!

Video Card

Compared to my last card, a 550Ti, it is amazing. It JUST works!


Decent case, cheaply made, kinda really expensive for what you get considering it comes with one fan... It is what it is. Usually great quality from Fanteks. This one ain't the norm for them!

Power Supply

It is a GREAT power supply with ALL BLACK cables, modular, and usual excellent EVGA quality!

Optical Drive

It works and was cheap

Operating System

It was super cheap and works great!

Case Fan

For the $ I should've just saved up for RGB fans!


32" 1440p 165mhz for around $300, YES! This thing is sweet for what I need and for sure the money!


I think the whole rgb thing has gone crazy so I got this! It is simple and has amazing switches!


I was looking for something simple but the rgb got me here!


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