I use this build primarily for gaming and for everyday things. In the past I played with photoshop, web design, programming, video editing, and audio editing. I might decide to dabble in some of those again in the future should I get the time to once again. I miss being a student. :/

The case worked well and has a ton of fans, but it is a little big. If I had to do it again, I'd probably go with a mid tower like the NZXT 410 Tempest Elite of the 410 Phantom. Those are some sexy cases.

This build came in pieces as I upgraded different things. The SSD and Corsair H60 were add-ons after the fact and there was a long road headed to the 670, but I'm happy with it. The original power supply wasn't driving the amount of power it was rated at so while I RMA'd it I bought the Seasonic and I've had zero issues with it. I already had the mouse, keyboard, and monitor from a previous PC, so those weren't factored into my budget.

I really liked the motherboard and it's bios. Super easy to use and doesn't give you a headache navigating through it. Also the software suite that ASUS provides for monitoring is super helpful.

I have the processor overclocked to 4.5 GHz right now and it shreds anything I've thrown at it so far. The H60 keeps it nice and cool, within about 2 degrees of the ambient temperature on idle and I'm not sure under load anymore. I haven't stress tested it in a while and I don't care enough to install a stress tester but back when I had it overclocked to 4.7 GHz (not always stable at boot up) I wouldn't climb higher than 65 degrees so not too bad. I should mention that I have the cooler set up in a push/pull configuration for a little extra airflow.

The SSD is set up as a cache drive and lets you have the best of both worlds when it comes to the simplicity of having just one HDD and the speed of an SSD. I'm a big fan of this technology right now.

I probably could have gone without getting the bluray writer and Ultimate because it's an OEM bluray writer and windows doesn't natively support the codecs so playback isn't available without extra software that usually isn't free and I haven't been able to make work otherwise. Also, who really needs to pay double to get Ultimate? Not this guy, so I definitely could have been smarter with my money and maybe even gotten the right tiered video card from the start. 16 GB of ram, same thing, but it was on sale so not terrible.

Even with all that it's not like I purchased anything incompatible so my extra expense isn't strictly a waste. In any case I've been very happy with the performance. Should I do it again, I would change a few things, save some money and not lose any performance doing it.

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How's the H60 work, I'm not over-clocking but can it keep a full load to manageable/satisfactory temperatures.