This is my 2nd build ever...technically I don't count the first since my friend put it together and not me. But this build I was the one who completely put it together, did the cable management, picked out all the pieces and I have never been so proud of something. It took 5 hours and some change and it took a couple of boot up tries and then Jon Snow was created.

As you can tell, I'm a big GoT fan and I wanted an aesthetically pleasing build as well as something character like so naming it Jon Snow from the get-go, I knew I wanted an all-white build.

I'm a gamer, mostly on console (I know I know...PCMR I get it), and wanted something to play on PC and also do multimedia work as well as streaming. When I bought the rtx 2070, it had just came out and I wanted to just get the most up to date gfx card and upgrade from my prior gtx 750 ti. LOL.

I work an entry level job where I had made less than $15/hr to buy all of these parts (I've had a raise since then :D). Wanted to share a pretty good quality build where it was affordable and it may have taken a long route, you still get the same sweet *** end result.

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