This build started about a year ago when got my first job at Kroger to make hella bank and build my own PC after using a trash All In One computer that my parents used for ages. I then bought all of my components on Newegg. I have been making frequent modifications over the year and finally decided to post iton the pcpartpicker forums at the end of my junior year in high school. This PC has gone through a lot of change since I built it last summer. I started with a FX-6300, r9 280x, and asus m5a97 motherboard, and some nasty rosewill case. I upgraded my case to a White NZXT Noctus-450 and put more LEDs in it because I wanted a computer build I could just sit there and stare at, and be proud of, rather than cringing every time my eyes wandered over to it. Over this time the only parts I have not changed are the HDD, PSU and GPU. I upgraded to a 4790k water cooled by a corsair h60, which I wrapped the piping in electric blue ductape for pizazz. My MSI z97 PC Mate and 16GB of G-SKILL ARES RAM was donated to me by my boi Ben Feaster. My only plan to upgrade this summer is to buy a 1070 or 1080. I mostly use this system for sexual pleasure web browsing and gaming. I appreciate all of the recommendations and support the pcpartpicker forums offer. Thank you.


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no idea what to name it lol

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