I've started to build this gaming rig over Xmas and thanks to my new job I've finished it now. Bought everything on Amazon UK except the HDD. All the deliveries were fine and components worked properly. For the little story, the CPU was friday in Milano and got it in Edinburgh on saturday thanks to UPS ... Amazing !

What I've putted in ?

+++CPU+COOLER++++++ i7 was too expensive and I wanted to learn how to OC so I went for the popular i5 4670K. For the cooler I do not trust yet the "water-leaking" stuff so I went for a classic popular 212 EVO, also cheaper. My first step into OC was to set the OC genie stuff of the mobo. Nothing really serious at the moment but I'm doing it step by step ...

+++MOBO++++++ Looked for a mid range Z87 chipset, the G45 was the cheaper ... the red gaming dragon did the rest :)

+++MEMORY++++++ Corsair fanboy since ages this 8GB Vengeance Pro was made for me.

+++SSD+HDD++++++ Bought my first SSD ever, I reckon it's freaking fast. I read good reviews on this V300 and was cheaper than the Samsung EVO one. Got the HDD in a local shop in the remote place I live in, explaining the high price.

+++GPU++++++ Got this 760 in the last place due to his high price, went for the 4GB one as it was only 40£ more. I got MSI one to match the mobo design. Advertising also said MSI mobo+gpu works faster together. Maybe false advertising but it worked on me :)

+++CASE+FANS++++++ Nothing much to say about this case, it's huge, pretty and simple design I was looking for. Windowed to see my own build inside. Was sold with 2 Fractal Fans inside, I just added two more identical to boost the air flow. All these fans set to 75% and I cant hear anything whilst this mid tower is right next to me on the table.

+++PSU++++++ Looked for a Haswell compatible and being Corsair fanboy I went for this RM550. Modular because I can be really fussy when speaking about cable management.

+++KEYBOARD++++++ Don't like the space taken by huge gaming keyboard and looked for a keyboard where F1-F2-F3... buttons are right in front of 1-2-3... buttons (guess which game I play), I choosed this K360 one, which is tiny but compactingly amazing.

+++MONITOR++++++ Got this AOC a little bit by chance. Was looking for a HDMI+speaker one and after few search the i2269 showed up. I dont like that much that IPS panel (colors are amazing though) as it is a tiny bit blurry when playing fast games. Next time I'll stick to a TN one.

Here it is, hope you enjoyed the pictures and comments ... thanks again to PCPartPicker which was VERY useful in the building of this rig I'm gonna have years of fun with (hope so)

EDIT : I'm gonna do some benchmarks soon and I'll post the results, stay tuned.



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Nice build. :D I'm currently working on my own build that is very similar to yours. Just wondering though, is 550w enough for all your needs?