Like the title says, this is my first build I've ever done. The main use for it is gaming. I've been gaming for a loooong time but I always had friends build for me or just bought a pre-made fail

I couldn't figure out how to post my build to save all the prices while there were decent MIR/combo's when I purchased everything so prices are different, I spent about 1600 after MIR.

Felt like it took me forever to build it but I feel pretty good about it! Except while I was setting the x60's pump on my cpu my dog ran into the back of my leg making me slip after I got 1 screw set, haven't checked how bad it messed up the thermal paste, was kind of sad ha. I will probably just redo it tomorrow. I plan on messing around with OC and such to see what kind of power this bad boy can pull. Kind of wish I just got a 780 instead of the 770 and maybe the AX860 but I couldn't beat the price of the AX760.

Photo of it all together even though it's a bad picture. I will post some more pictures of the build tomorrow when I get off work. Phone died and I can't find my camera...


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sweet build, i plan on using the same case for personal build

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Please add more pics.