More or less this is the build I'm left with after a slew of periodic upgrades. I haven't(for my personal tower) built a tower all brand new since my original gaming computer years ago which had the following.

Q9400 @ 3.4ghz MSI P45 Platinum Some Zalman Cooler, dunno which 6GB 800mhz DDR2 500GB HDD GTX 295 896mb 800w Kingwin ABT Cooler Master Cosmos(hand me down)

Originally upgraded my GTX 295 to a 660ti. Then about a year and a half ago I upgraded to my 290X. Currently waiting on the 1080's release before I make a decision to pull the trigger or wait on the ti version.

Upgraded my platform too often! Went from the Q9400 to an i7 920. Then I had a friend offer me an excellent deal on a cheap compatible motherboard and a 3770K. Recently made the jump to a 5820K to help support my unhealthy virtual machine + VPN addiction.

Most else kind of sifted in and out of my build. In addition to the GPU aspiration I'm also planning to switch my case to a Corsair 750D Airflow Edition as well as finally setting up a custom loop. Hoping to continue with my overall blue theme as best as possible. Definitely going to swap out my AX860 ghetto cabling for blue custom sleeving. No more electrical tape ._.


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