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There were a lot of good deals and I wanted to go with a purple colored build with flexibility in the future for different colors (the TB Vegas Duo is Red or Blue or Purple). In addition, I didn't want to sacrifice performance for the fans, therefore these fans are high quality and should be fairly quiet.

In addition, my goal was to make sure that everything was compatible and to avoid any bottlenecks.

I previously had a Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 in here, but I got tired of dealing with ATI drivers, so I buckled and bought the EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Dual FTW ACX - and I have no been disappointed. I really need atleast 3GB of video memory because of the triple monitor action. In hindsight, I should have spent more money on the main monitor and bought some 21:9 ratio side panels, but the deals I got during Black Friday were pretty good.


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Very nice build

Question about Enermax fans. Since these fans come with manual speed control and LED mode button, how can you control the speed and light. Did you set up these control button outside the case or inside?. i would appreciate it if you have a close up photo of your fans setup.


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When I get around to it, I'll show you what I did with the controls... I had to set it up before closing off the case. I created a "panel" on my disk drive bay with the 3M stickers for the fan control so I could adjust by just pulling off the right side panel without having to dig through it all. It's no where near where I want it to be.... I kind of wish Enermax would have invested more into these fans to allow full automation.