Ok so I finally finished my computer after doing about 7 months of research and I finally got the balls to order my parts .As far as the parts goes, this baby is a beast. I've only tested out wow, archeage, outlast and the witcher 3 and I've only seen it get down to 54 fps and that was on the witcher 3. But I'm very happy I finally got a gaming pc.

I just uploaded some new pictures of my build completely finished. I got dual monitors and a new headset which is really nice. Also uploaded some pictures of mw2 and sky rim completely maxed out. Skyrim doesn't move from 60fps and mw2 was at like 200fps lol.


  • 56 months ago
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I dig the build, but I think you could've gotten better for your money. The H6 looks cool and everything, but there are barely any perks vs an average Z97 or less H97. Even B85/H81 would've worked fine with that chip. The 2 tb hdd could be replaced with a 1tb version and you could add a 250gb SSD.

Otherwise, I love the build. +1 from me.