I've wanted to build my first pc for a time now, first because it sounded a really exciting experience, and second because I was tired of my old i3-2350 laptop.

The purpose of this computer is to help me for everyday use, like school projects with Word, excel and powerpoint, and also Youtube, music and photo storage, a bit of light gaming, surfing on the web, etc. I did not want a big gamer pc like most pc's on here (I still game with my xbox 360) but something solid that was going to give great general performance and efficacity for a good longevity and all that for the lowest price.

I ended up with this list that I think is going to give me a great time in terms of longevity. As you can see, I got plenty of storage for now, a low profile gpu, a mid cpu, an m.2 nvme ssd so windows can work faster, and some fans for the look and a good airflow.

The pc with the screen cost me exactly 994 canadian dollars. I don't know how much in Usd lol.

I already had some pieces in the list, I just put them to show what I used in total. Sorry for the poor photos quality and for my not-too-good english! Enjoy :)

Part Reviews


This Cpu seemed a good deal for me - not the greatest but has a good speed, easy to use, etc. Works fine. I'm happy with it.

CPU Cooler

A bit loud but came with cpu so it's ok.


This is a good budget motherboard. Plenty of connections for fans, RGB, storage (6 SATA ports is really good) and I got it for a good price, so it seemed the best for my needs. After my build, I checked again all the other motherboards at the appoximate same price and for all its fonctionnalities, this one was really the best.

The Bios is a good one, really similar to Asus' bios, it works fine from now. The RGB control software is not really good, many people have complained about it (Lot of bugs and no update from AsRock). A-tuning is another software you can get in order to overclock your pc, see some infos about it (temprature, Rpm, etc) and fan control. It is really great and convenient to individually control your fans.

2 GPU slots and 2 pcie, 3 m.2, 1 Usb-c are some of this motherboard's features. I'm pretty good with it.


Ram. Does what it needs to do. Looks good on my black-and-white build! The speed is good too. 2666 Mhz seemed to me a great value, not too low but not high (for the price I got them - 86 canadian dollars). Not much else to say.


I was pretty happy when I found this one - it works really fine for installing your OS on it! And because it's NVME and pcie, not Sata 6Gbs, it's even better. And for the price, I couldn't help but buy it immediatly! Really fast and reliable (it's Kingston).

Edit: Since the beginning of the build, my pc has shut down two times. Not knowing why, I looked in the Bios and saw that the Mobo was not detecting the ssd. When I was trying to boot windows, it gived me an error code, saying that there was a problem with the material. The best solution I've found was simply to disconnect and reconnect the Psu cable and windows booted normally again. I'm not sure exactly what is the nature of the problem here.


I got that one used for 20$ a couple of years ago. A bit slow but 500Gb is 500Gb. My case didn't have any 2,5" slot, so don't ask me how I fit this Hdd in it.


Got that one from an old used pc. Great speed and storage.

Video Card

Got this one used for 110 instead of 350ish, really happy with it so far. Works good.


I got this one used for 25$ and I'm pretty happy with it,.

Pros: solid, great discrete look, 6 fan spaces (1 front, 1 under, 1 rear, 2 top, 1 on the side), plenty of space for HDD and DVD burners and stuff like that. Compatible with all form factors, including ATX. Has an air filter for the bottom fan. Reset button is usefull too. Two front USB and both mic and headphones jack too. The hexagonal front shape is nice.

Cons: it's cheap. The front plastic where the DVD burners slots are is cheap and broke in my hands, causing the metal parts to come inside the case (see photo). No compartiment for cable management, but that's ok if you're good at it. I managed to do something with all the cables laying around. The metal is not really solid - it bends a little bit under pressure. Be carefull with that.

For the price, it does a great job. I may want to upgrade in a year or sofor a better, more solid and more practical one.

Power Supply

Does the job for enough power.

Case Fan

Got this for 2$ somewhere. Low Rpm but a fan is a fan.

Case Fan

Probably my favorite part of the build! These fans have the best value for money ever. They works really fine, they have 4 rubber pieces in the corners to eliminate vibrations, they look good too and the RGB is awesome. 30$ for 3 of these fans is a joke. For my first time with RGB material, I had a hard time understanding that I had to plug both of the 4-pins cables of each fan (1 for power and 1 RGB) but I eventually got it. All the extra cables that came with the fans are nice too, including one 4-port extender for power and another extender to daisy chain a lot of RGB stuff for your pc.


I wanted 2 Hdmi's and a Jack audio out on my monitor, and then I found this monitor. It suits me really well. The screen has great dimensions, it looks really good, the settings system works great and is really clear. I heard that BenQ was a cheap brand, but with this monitor, they really got my attention. 110 bucks is a really good value for this one.

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  • 1 month ago
  • 2 points

Those glowing red fans in that shiny black case give it a Darth Vader vibe. Nice!

  • 1 month ago
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Thanks! But I've got to tell you, in fact they're orange but since I don't possess a great camera they look red :') But still it looks good like you said!

  • 1 month ago
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Since you don't want to, I will. Your PC is now named Chief. Solid build, man.

  • 1 month ago
  • 2 points

Thanks man! You gave me an idea. I'll change the main photo just for you.

  • 1 month ago
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Ha! I had the same helmet when I bought the legendary edition of Halo 3. Legendary. I am honored.