The parts were all from Black Friday sales. The original design had an Asus motherboard that sold out while we were buying parts.

I forgot about the m.2 slots disabling the sata ports. (That was a frustrating series of tests) Other than that the build is clean and runs like a dream.


  • 6 months ago
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Nice build. Is that at your work place? Looks like an office setting. If so +1 to your company.

  • 4 months ago
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The lights are really bright. Even looking at it from the picture on my monitor makes my eyes hurt. Great build though. But the the orange SATA cable could have been hidden through the opening at the bottom where you put in the front panel connectors. that way it'll look a bit more cleaner. Anyways great build!

  • 3 months ago
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You've put a great build together. I'm looking to do something similar.

Is the ML240L good enough to cool the 9900K? I have the same cooler in my build but I was thinking I would need to change it if I upgraded to the 9900K.