A little overdue as this was done a few weeks ago, but with the help of a friend, my first build has come to life!

It's my primary workstation for everyday tasks but was built with gaming and video editing in mind. It was quite the experience (and challenge) building it, but I couldn't be happier with my first build.

Monitor, keyboard, and mouse don't have prices because I've had them from awhile back.

In order to install the OS, I had to first install it on my HDD and then migrate it to the SSD. I only had Windows 7 on hand and the SSD does not support Win7 out of the box. When I went to select the HDD in Windows Setup, i kept getting an error until I uninstalled the SSD so the HDD was the only drive connected. Later, after I had upgraded to Win10 on the SSD, I decided to install Win7 on a secondary drive. Again, I had to unplug every other drive in order to install windows. A little frustrating.

Can't get your build to power on? Don't forget to plug in your CPU power. Lesson learned.

What's in store for the future? Overclock, 21:9 for sure, considering an SLI.

Oh, and her name is Dorothy because "this b*tch will take you to Oz and back." I have a coworker to thank for that one. I couldn't think of any name, so it stuck.

Part Reviews


Gets things done without breaking a sweat. Managed to snag a deal on this one through Intel's Retail Edge Program.

CPU Cooler

A huge radiator. Not a huge fan of the included fans. The circular design seems to let a lot of air escape around the edges of the fan instead of focusing it through the radiator, but they do generate a lot of static pressure. I'll be replacing these fans eventually. The radiator did a have few noticeably bent fins but just a minor cosmetic issue in my eyes.

Thermal Compound

Not much to say. Thought I'd buy a good paste from the get go and this one did not disappoint.


Pretty happy with this board. Lots of room for expansion. The BIOS is easy to navigate and fine tune as you please. Very stable.


It works! Not much to say here.


This drive is insanely fast. Boots and loads apps in an instant. Only drawback is that I only had Windows 7 on hand and this drive is not compatible out of the box. Had to install OS on an HDD then migrate to this drive.


Originally went with a 1TB version but upgraded to the 3TB version. This drive is OEM so it didn't come with much at all, but performs very well. It is a bit noisy, and though I have headphones on most of the time, it does become annoying.

Video Card

Holy master race, batman. This thing barely breaks a sweat. First game I've thrown at it was GTA V and it performs like a champ. Got a good deal on it through EVGA EPP. Probably my favorite part of the build.


Case is pretty comfortable to work in. Comes with two 120mm exhaust fans. Big window on the side to admire all the parts. It does scratch really easy though.

Power Supply

Considering an SLI in the future, so thought I'd be ready for it now. Very quiet and reliable.

Case Fan

Upgraded one of the stock 120mm exhaust fans since there was room for a 140mm on the top of the case. Quiet and moves a lot of air.


No DisplayPort, but menu is easy to navigate and tweak. Great colors. Not adjustable, which is a bit of a negative.


For everyday use, I never really had a problem with it. Once I finished the build and started gaming, I realized how uncomfortable the keys can become. They become difficult to press. Only find it to be in issue in games where you're really focused on keystrokes.


No complaints here. Very responsive and comfortable.


Won this in a drawing. The virtual 7.1 audio is pretty cool. Awesome audio and very comfortable.


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Very nice

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Thank you!

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Hi Davfo.

I'm about to start a new build. I want to use an M.2 drive like your "Samsung 950 PRO 256GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive" but I also must run Windows 7 because of the Windows Media Center and my video tuner card. Can you briefly explain what you had to do to "migrate to this drive"?
And once you did that did it boot Windows 7 form this drive reliably and quickly?

Thanks, Lee

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Windows 7 is not compatible with the drive out of the box. What you have to do is first install Win7 on your HDD. I don't know if it was just me, but in order to install windows on a disk, the target disk has to be the only disk connected to your mobo. Even though Win7 doesn't recognize the 950, I would only get errors when trying to install with multiple drives connected.

Any who, once you've installed the OS, boot in to it as normal and install the drivers for your SSD. Then you can download Samsung's Data Migration software which will copy everything to your SSD. Afterwards, I restarted the computer and made sure to boot in to the SSD and I formatted the HDD to get rid of everything on it and use it as my secondary drive. You should be good to go.

Linus has a good video here on setting up a secondary drive as storage drive that helped me get going.

Best of luck!