The Sliger SM580 is a great case and well worth the price. It's very solid and super easy to build in. This model is a little bigger than some sff cases but to me it's worth it for better thermals and low noise(!). I keep this stashed under my desk so no flashy colors, windows or RGB theatrics.

I might have selected Ryzen 3 / RTX graphics for this build but I wanted the best hackintosh compatibility as this is primarily an OSX audio workstation. I will be replacing the Intel wireless card with a Broadcom card for improved Bluetooth, but other than that the OpenCore Catalina config is running nice and snappy. The Nitro+ RX 5700 XT has been great so far. I've been surprised how well it does at 4k gaming.

This case will do a 280 aio in push, as long as it's the Kraken 62. The side panel clips get in the way if your rad has square corners like most of the currently available choices. I'm not down with CAM though, and I wanted noise optimized pump/fan curves saved in device memory for when I'm on OSX, thus the Corsair H100i. No temp issues and everything stays very quiet as long as I'm not maxing out the graphics card. Bottom fans are intake. I love these quiet Noctuas.

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  • 2 months ago
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Nice build! Did you run into any compatibility issues setting up Mac OS? And I see two SSD's - do you have one OS on each?