So I build this computer in tandem with a friend. It is the first computer that I have built and I am quite pleased with it.

I use this machine for playing games, from low intensity such as League of Legends, to those with high stress, such as Planetside 2.

I'll start from the bottom of the list upwards.

The Corsair 860W ATX12V is a bit overdone, I could have used a 750W Gold, but I found this Platinum on sale on Newegg, so I figured why not. I've had no issues with power supply so far, and, if you're particular towards this, operates quietly. Being fully modular is quite handy too, it helps keep the amount of cables down, and the cables that are provided are quite nice and braided.

The NZXT Phantom 410 ATX Mid Tower is nice and sleek. Although some of the outer casing is plastic, it is sturdy, feels, and looks nice. Although, the front door hinge kind of sucks. It feels weak, but it works. Surprisingly, the Noctua cooler does fit in the case, but only barely as you can see from the pictures.

The EVGA GeForce GTX 770 is fantastic and good bang for your buck. Going from a 660M to this makes me giddy when I can turn everything in every game to maximum settings. I do plan on adding another 770 for SLI later on. The card fits perfectly in the case with no obstructions.

The WD Blue drive works as intended. A typical 1 TB drive, no issues so far. Adequate loading times in games, its mainly used for larger files and games.

The Samsung 840 EVO is amazing. Boot times are roughly 10 to 12 seconds from me pushing the power button to the log in screen. Applications loaded on it feel as if they have no loading time at all, and everything just feels... faster.

The dual A-Data RAM works fine, it's RAM. I'm glad they fit with the cooler.

The motherboard looks nice with its dragon design and has a fantastic BIOS for overclocking, which I have yet to do. When I got the board, I had to tighten some screws that held some of the heat sinks on the board, but nothing major otherwise.

So this cooler... is massive. I am not kidding either. The Noctua NH-D14 65.0 CFM works like a charm. Fantastic cooler for an air cooler and should be your first option if you are not using liquid cooling. Some things to keep in mind with this motherboard and cooler. One: plug up the CPU power BEFORE putting in the cooler. I accidentally covered up the CPU power port and had to spend some time trying to plug in the power at an awkward angle. Two: get RAM without heat spreaders on it. It will NOT fit with this cooler and mother board. Also, if you want to fill in the extra slots of RAM, you will have to take the cooler out eventually to do so.

The i7-4770K is a great processor. Runs perfectly fine and has the option to be overclocked. Combined with the cooler, this thing runs at a nice 24 degrees Celsius on idle and 44 degrees Celsius on full load.

Overall, I love this machine, and I'm glad I built it. I'm new to such hardware, so if I missed anything that you are curious about, ask!


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