This build was intended to be an AMD brand selection with great performance and low budget. The components were selected with the last sentence in mind. So we have a FX8350 Black Edition with a great performance installed on a nice SaberTooth 990FX R2.0 with Graphics powered by a R9 270X. I also Picked a cheap but nice rated PSU with 600W. If PcPartPcker is correct, I only need 400W to power the hardware so It keeps between the 50-75% of usage which means that the PSU will run efficiently most of the time (80+Bronze Certified). You can clearly go for better hardware in terms of GPU, PSU. Keyboard and Even Memory modules, however will be hard to get the performace/cost relation if you are planing a build for Gaming. In terms of OC you can clearly go above 4.4GHz if you want, with the three additional fans that came with the C70 Military green case you won't reach 70 Celsius in any case (It ran Prime95 for more that an hour without hit 60 Celsius).

So far so good. I have been running my new PC for two weeks and I can't be more satisfied with this build. Nice look, Great Performance, Zero issues to date.

Finally, you can spend $100-$250 more to get a R9 280X or 290X, but If you are not planning to run the most demanding games in ULTRA setting, the 270X OC can do the job.

PD: Luxury items like my SW-2.1 Speakers that I bought one week after were included but not intended.

EDIT: I also noticed that some builds doesn't include the full part list, so people don't really give the full price, this build includes the full part list and price (even windows which was a gift from my University to their students).


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I like your build and think the case is very slick and practical.

As for your comment about the GPU and comparison to the R9 280X or 290X, I think you made a good decision. I was also looking at these but couldn’t justify spending the extra when performance and energy consumption IMHO isn't that much better than the R9 270X in reality when you’re actually gaming.

It's a very well thought and balanced build.

Others will probably say you spent too much on the case but performance wise you've done well; however, it will probably chew the energy so you may see an increase in your electricity bills.

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+1 Nice build.

I too used the same case/processor/motherboard and was very happy with all 3.