This is my first PC build ever. I wanted a machine with midrange specs that could do some contemporary gaming as well as run several virtual machines I need for work.

I'm pretty happy with how the build turned out. I was a little skeptical about how the Xeon would do as far as gaming goes, but it's been smooth sailing so far. Virtualization performance is top notch. The 970 is getting the job done so far as well. I'm only pushing 1080 to one 60hz monitor and it does a better job than I probably need it to. OC'd I can get a 130+ fps in DOOM.

The SSD has been killer so far, I'm really still not used to having a PC that starts up so fast.

The optical drive is a little loud, but I only used it for OS and driver installs. I doubt I'll be using it much at all going forward.

I really really like the case, however being as cheap as it is, build quality isn't stellar and there are some little downsides. The plexipanels are EXTREMELY easy to scratch up. They also catch dust under the lip where they over lap the case doors. The expansion slot tabs, once removed, do not go back in, and I hate that. Cable management wasn't a problem for me, but it would be nice if there were more hiding places. Finally, the space for your PSU is VERY cramped. I had to really work to get a fully modular 650 in and the cables are bent up against the lower drive bays. Good luck putting anything bigger in there. I do love the look of the case overall though. The dual windows look great and I love the fact that there are no branding badges or anything of the sort. Airflow is great and I love the metal mesh paneling. Not as many fans slots as I'd like, but I love the larger front fant that came with it. If you plan on putting a fan up top, you're not going to have any luck getting an EVO 212 in there. I opted for a slightly shorter Cryorig M9i to make room. Working in it was a piece of cake though. Love the flat mobo layout and the clamshell design made it really easy to get my hands in there for cable management.

This computer meets my needs, looks good, and I'm overall very happy with my first build. I learned a lot and I think that my next build will be a lot more optimized because of it.

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  • 34 months ago
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Nice build