Had loads of fun bulding this "entry-level high-end" beast. I got the parts over the span of few months waiting for the best sales of the year, so the actual price was probably an average of 20% under what's listed on PCP on a regular day. A few comments on the main components:

Processor: Although AMD is all the rave nowadays, I've been an Intel loyal for years. Never had issues with any of their CPUs (but I used to have issues with AMD in the Athlon era). I've also never had the chance to use a Ryzen IRL, but I hope I aim to do so in the future and consider it for a future build. For now, 9700k mostly for gaming needs. My use involves minimal hyperthreading use, so there was no point in the extra $ for a 9900k. Stable OC @5 GHz.

CPU cooler: I went with Corsair due to familiarity again. I love Corsair, but I think coolers aren't their strongest suit. However, I already had a Corsair K70 keyboard and I liked the idea of using iCUE to control them both.

MoBo: Asus's Prime Z390-A appeared to be exactly what I was looking for when I called this build an "entry-level high-end". It has all the features I needed and most of what the RoG series has to offer, but without the gimmicks. Had USB type-C 3.1, which I was interested in. Plus, it's pretty.

RAM: Went with Dominator Platinum 32 gb as they were on sale. The mere thought that a year ago, this kit would've costed more than double, made me want to future-proof the build with 32 gb and allow me to do some mild audio/video-editing as well.

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Super Gaming OC: I cared most about the chip. Gigabyte had the cheapest offering with 3 fans (which I wanted to keep things quiet), so I went with them. Works like a dream.

Corsair Obisidian 500D: The case is stunningly gorgeous. The feature that made me want to get this particular case, however, was the fact that the side panels open like "doors" and close magnetically. I was willing to pay the premium price for the above 2 features. The case was very easy to build in. I did have a little challenges with cable management as the rubber grommets didn't fully align with the MoBo connectors. I'm not a master of cable management, but in the end I think it turned out more than reasonably clean.

Works beautifully with Windows 10 Pro.

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  • 2 months ago
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Nice build bro, how is your cpu cooler treating you? I’m getting a i-9 and looking to get a h150 instead of a h115. Hopefully it will be enough.

  • 2 months ago
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Worked well so far! At 5 GHz idle is about 37C and on Prime95 non-AVX stress test it was max 86C. It's silent.