There were several issues. The original boot SSD was going to be a 970 Evo but the motherboard couldn’t detect it. The motherboard USB 3.0 front headers broke and 1 of the 2 USB 2.0 headers also broke.

Part Reviews


This CPU worked pretty well and it managed a stable 5GHZ overclock with low enough temperatures.

CPU Cooler

It was a little hard to work with and the mount on the CPU was a little difficult.


Overall decent board with good I/O. However, it could not detect the Samsung 970 Evo.


It runs well and serves as the boot drive.

Video Card

A fair bit of headroom for overclocking.


The included fans are pretty nice. The front power button isn’t too well and a front header broke. This is a bit hard to cable manage as it is so large and it doesn’t have a power supply shroud.

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