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Mini ITX Cube - 1080p Gaming Machine

by jwhite052

Note: This completed build is pending moderation. Once approved by a moderator it will appear in the list of completed builds after being processed.


The goal for this build was to construct a powerful yet affordable gaming machine. With limited desk space, and an affection for unique case designs, I went with a small form factor build. I mainly wanted to play Overwatch, so I settled on the idea of building an awesome little 1080 gaming workhorse - with intentions to push games on high and ultra settings. After much research and Newegg browsing, I put together a list of components and parts that fit the bill. I settled on an Intel i3 processor for it's dual cores and hyper-threading. For the video card, I originally had my eyes set on an Nvidia 1060 but couldn't ignore the price per dollar value of the AMD RX 480. So I took the plunge and went with the 480's little brother the AMD RX 470. The card put out almost the same performance but at a cheaper price tag.

A year later, I'm more than happy with the little build. It handles Overwatch and Witcher perfectly. I haven't had any problems with any of the components. To my surprise, the AMD card has really performed well - even handling driver updates with ease (crossing-fingers).


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