My epic main/monsterbox I use for everything from internet surfing, gaming, art/music creation, to 3D object creation/animation! Also makes a good box to watch TV on. xD (Yes, I'm a big kid. I like Dreamworks Dragons and TMNT. ;P)

EDIT: The photos are out of date. I took them before I installed several upgrades and I'm too lazy to take new ones. :P I've also moved since they were taken, and now have a huge room (15ft x 15ft). ;P Also, my monitor configuration has changed; I bought a VIVO 1x3 monitor stand a while back, and the left monitor is now portrait. ;) I also added a second desk, so now it's a U-shape. Yay for more desk real estate so I can have my PC and also have space for all my art stuff! :D

Planned upgrades: Corsair RGB Maglev fans or those nifty dual halo RGB fans they made. SteelSeries Siberia 840 AND Arctis 7 as soon as my Siberia 800 bites the dust. Possibly that new Sennheiser Game One (Or whatever it's called) that came out at E3. That new Logitech G 900 or w/e wireless RGB gaming mouse. It's pretty neat. Waiting for price drop or sale cos $130 for a mouse is just freakin insane. Skuff custom XBone controller to replace my stock MS one. Corsair K90 Platinum, the new one that has the LED strip on the back, or maybe a wireless RGB mech board, if someone makes one.

I also have a BRAND NEW gaming rig planned out so I can use this box specifically for everything BUT gaming, however... the cryptominer buttwads have ruined the GPU, CPU and RAM market so that's on hold. I'm also waiting for a nice 30+ inch UWS 4K 144Hz G-sync monitor and nVidia's 50+ -inch G-sync gaming display. :P

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  • 38 months ago
  • 2 points

A man after my own heart. Epic AMD build. You got a nice OC on that FX9590. What are you using to do that?

  • 31 months ago
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This is insane... How did you manage to cram two 980TIs, in there, overclock the 9590 that much, with what i believe is an AIR COOLER?! and not have that PC burn down your house, what are your thermals???

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