This is my first build since 2003. I took my time and did a lot of research. Took a little bit of time to see what I needed and what works well together. My main goal was a gaming pc that had the ability and flexibility to expand in the future. I will say that this was one of the harder builds I have done due to the issues I had. ( further below)

I5-4690k- for the price at microcenter with the motherboard, can't best it. Gives me a lot of room and great performance.

Hyper 212evo- can't beat for price to performance.

Msi motherboard- for ye price I got it at, you can beat it. Still have the option to add one more graphic card and has great overclocking features built in. So far happy with it.

Msi gtx 970 twin frozr- this is where i spent a lot of my time researching, as graphic cards have changed a lot in 11 years. For the price and future proofing my rig for a while. It was hard to beat.

Crucial ballistix sport, cheapest at the time I bought, enough said.

PNY ssd, never using one until now, great load times but can't compare to other ssd's. Never had one.

Corsair air 540 case- all I can say is wow! What a great case to work in. Very quite and clean. The shape may throw some off, but great to build in. Still have room to venture back into watercooling in the future.

Powersupply- this is where I had a lot of trouble. I originally bought a thermaltake smart 850 modular supply. After getting everything installed, my pc would start the fans and lights and turn right off. After stripping the computer down and breadboarding the motherboard, it was still doing it. Luckily best buy took back the powersupply and I picked up the corsair 750m, plugged it into motherboard and it started right up. Very frustrating 3 days of troubleshooting, but pc is back up and running.

Very satisfied with the build.


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Nice , good looking build +1.

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i would love that case if i had room for it. quality parts in there this build could last you another 9 years