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3rd PC Build - MightyByte

by MarkRushow


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Date Published

March 28, 2015

Date Built

May 9, 2014

CPU Clock Rate



Gaming rig I upgrade from time to time.

Part Reviews


No complaints it computes for the price at the time fine. Fan works fine as well.


I had an issue with the bluetooth / WiFi module as well as bent CPU socket pins; the manufacturer repaired this at no cost to me. In the future I'll keep in mind at least a couple extra fan headers and at least 1 extra PCI Express for SSD expansion. Other than that I love this board.


Had issues, after some testing we discovered I had a bad stick. Manufacturer replacement and another bad stick! A second replacement and I was back in business. No issues since. A whole lot of waiting.


Boot to Desktop is fast I'll give SSDs that. However complete load and settle time for OS and startup secondary programs still takes a while (not many and they aren't very large). I don't do anything until everything is loaded and CPU is at idle. So I still end up waiting a couple minutes. I only use this drive for the OS and application installs. All storage is allocated to HDDs.


Recycled out of old system. Used for libraries that aren't games or movies (documents, photos, downloads, etc.) It is slow and pretty outdated, but fast enough for this purpose.


I've been plenty happy with it. It is covered under a 5 year warranty. Much better warranty than the other drives from Western Digital at the time. Works great for my game libraries.

Video Card

So far I love the EVGA GTX SC cards. This is my second one. I don't get into OC myself so this line is a good option for me and I find the prices are fair. I needed a better card for VR and this is what I chose. I was able to sell my old EVGA GTX 780 SC to offset the cost.


Love this case.

The air filters are the best.

Removable optical disk bay is a plus for added space. Eventually I hope to mount a fan controller in this space.

I love the positioning of everything in the case. Very happy.

I had to glue pads back on a couple of the feet after a while.

Included 120mm side mounted fan has begun making some noise only after 17 months. It does run at full speed all the time however and is the only exhaust fan at this point in time. So I guess I can't fault it.

Power Supply

Recently purchased the Corsair Commander Mini fan controller. Neither came with the needed adapter to work together. From what I read the adapter would plug in from the PSU to a USB 2.0 header on the MoBo. I don't have any USB headers left for that and the adapter is bulky anyway. So I passed on that. The PSU is fairly shielded and and air intake and exhaust is as well. It can manage its fan control on its own so it is not a big deal or necessary that it is connected to the fan controller anyway. Other than that I have been extremely happy with this PSU. It would have been nice is the cables were a bit easier to bend for routing and stowing purposes (a bit stiff) but it is probably a good thing they aren't making them harder to bend too much and break.

Operating System

Best Windows to date. I install from USB 3.0 thumb drive. That said Windows needs to start optimizing their code. Windows is getting bloated and sluggish compared to what it was.


Best I've owned yet. Very happy with it. I only wish manufacturers would stop using glossy plastic it is tacky and shows too much finger prints. One annoyance is volume control being buried in the menu. I don't use it very often though. 2ms response time I won't go any higher. The backlight bleeds through the sides it is sometimes noticeable and a bit annoying.


Love it. My first ergonomic keyboard. Great tactile feedback. It took some getting used to coming from a bluetooth Apple keyboard.


It is pretty good. I purchased it used so it isn't in the best shape already. I wanted exactly 6 side mounted buttons for the 7-9 keyboard keys as well as Go Back and Go Forward browser commands. Any more buttons would be too unruly. I wanted the 7-9 keys assignable mainly for gaming. I'm not a native mouse and keyboard gamer and the keyboard can be a bit much. This helps a lot. I do wish the mouse was a big bigger and form fitting to my hand and the 6 side buttons were a bit bigger and easy to distinguish as well as reach. The back two buttons require me to slide my hand down the mouse. I do have fairly large hands. I purchased replacement pads for the underside from Logitech. It slides really good now.

External Storage

It works great as my Plex media storage.

It can take a good minute to spin up when not in use.

It isn't the fastest drive; but that isn't what I needed. I needed a lot of space. And, for that is works great for the price at the time of purchase.

Being external is convenient when going visiting.

lame proprietary USB cord.

I haven't had any issues with it yet.

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PCclockWork 3 Builds 2 points 40 months ago

Hows the External HDD? I got a 1TB for the same price aound five or six month's ago and it's been working great!

I just wish I could've waited till now to buy one, considering how much stoage space I would have for my PLEX server.

MarkRushow submitter 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

So far I'm very happy with it. It takes a minute to wake up when not in use. It isn't the fastest drive. But, for Plex media I can't complain. And being external is a bonus when I just want to take that media with me and not the whole machine.