Things I wanted: -Under $1,300 -At least 144 FPS -Clean looking -Run LoL smoothly

Things I discovered: -NZXT sucks at packing their cases, mine arrived damaged -The NZXT case I bought is great, and offers more room than I expected for expansion

Overall: This was my first build, and I wanted to keep it very simple and clean. At first I was opposed to any RGB lighting, but I eventually settled with AMD's RGB CPU stock fan. I had no past experience building computers, and it was very daunting at first. I was constantly stressed that I was going to have an inefficient and costly build that people would laugh at, AND maybe that is the case ;D BUT I was sick of pushing back my aspirations to build a computer and decided to jump into the fire and overcome my fears.

I am by no means well versed in the art of PC building, so please offer your constructive input and let me know where I could have improved. (I have a big case because I would like to upgrade most of my parts in the future)

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  • 2 months ago
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I personally don't always go the latest hardware route but I think you should have gone with a SSD instead of mechanical drive 2600x and the 1660 super as it's on par with the ti for less money. But over all not a bad deal.