The Ghost S1 makes for a tough build, but worth it in terms of size and build quality. I keep Windows 10 power plan set to balanced, which allows me to hit the 60fps my QHD monitor supports in every game I have tried so far while also keeping the temps cooler than the ones I listed in this build. The CPU stays around 35c idle and 57c while gaming and the GPU sticks around 60c gaming and 38c idle. The Kraken does produce noticeable sound, even at idle, I am thinking about replacing the fans with Noctuas due to this.

Build Log The first issue I came across was actually before all the parts arrived, I found people complaining on Reddit about the motherboard standoffs on the Ghost S1, that they allow the motherboard to slide down due to their narrow width. I ordered plastic M4 washers and stacked them 5 high to ensure the motherboard didn't slide onto the standoffs.

The next issue I had was the Kraken x52 got lost in shipping. I installed the Wraith cooler that came with the Risen 3700x to use while shipping was sorted out. However, when the Kraken did come, I bent 5 pins on the CPU when attempting to extract the Ryzen (it was practically glued to the Wraith). I was able to use a kitchen knife to bend the pins back into place and set the CPU with the Kraken.

While I had the Wraith cooler installed, I kept the exhaust fans off, and the Ghost S1 became a portable heater. The GPU was spilling hot air over the spine and heated the motherboard chipset to 75c, and the CPU was idling around 50c. The chipset fan on the motherboard was running at 5,100 RPM. Once the Kraken was exhausting out the top of the case and the two Noctua 15mm fans were exhausting out the bottom, it created static pressure that helped cycle the air around the chipset, keeping the chipset at 50c idle and 60c under load.

Installing the Kraken was a pain, the tubes are just slightly too long to fit without feeling very forced. It took many attempts to screw the top panel on while routing one tube over the spine of the Ghost S1. Also, cable organization was difficult. I took the photos before this was completely done, but it does not look much better. Without custom length cables, there is nowhere to hide the excess.

Finally, to help with the bottom exhaust, I replaced the rubber feet with larger 1/2 inch rubber feet.

Overall, I am very happy with the build and temperatures, which I was concerned about after reading about other similar builds. I do not like having not one, but two chipset fans that I will eventually have to clean, requiring a complete teardown. But everything is performing well at the moment, and it's staying cool.

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This is beautiful!

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