I decided to build my girlfriend a computer, and she loves Sekirei. So i figured why add something she adores onto it. I bought a couple red Vinyl Sekirei Symbols from a dads friend whos in the buisness of making vinyl for cars. I also gave my girlfriend one for her car :)

*Fx6300 - was on sale at the time for 80$, i jumped on it immediately.

*ASRock 960gm - i figured it was a decent bored and cheap too - works good so far.

*NZXT Source 210 - Well didnt know they had the usb 3.0 version or else i wouldve got it - o well still a nice case regardless. Plus i through in a usb 3.0 pci x1 card which has a header, so no biggy ill add a sd card/usb frontpanel later.

*Logitech k400 - i picked this keyboard out for her before i even thought about building, to small for me not really a gaming keyboard.

*Cosair Force LX Series 256gb ssd - ahhh this was so good, i got it for 60$ from a family friend, shes lucky i only have a 128gb in my main rig. :/

*4gb ddr3 1866mhz HyperX White RAM - picked this out due to the color and the good reviews on it also it was only 37$ cant complain works great.

*Radeon 7850 - Works wonderful for 80$ :D Stays Under 50C under a load and under 30C idle. Works very well.

*Dell 22 inch 1080p monitor - got it for 45$ from sum asian dood :D

*Thermaltake PSU - got from bestbuy with a giftcard, i had no idea what to buy from bestbuy so i bought this it was on sale for 45$.

*Dell Mouse - had laying around from a teacher in high school.

*2 Red LED 120mm fans - they work and look splended i hope to get 2 140mms for the top.

*120mm rosewill fan - had laying around just threw it in there.

*Wireless N Adapter - she has no network cable ran to her room so i gave her one i had laying around :D.

Updated 2/14/2015: Added a h60 to her build, her dad apparently had one laying around in his closet lol. and following the install overclocked for 4.0ghz, i tried to push to 4.5 but had errors with prime95 so i droped it to 4.4 ran prime95 for hours without errors, she decided to use it to play Elsword when i left for the night and she experienced random crashes so i decided to tweek it to 4.0 ghz no errors so far at that speed with constant gameplay.

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  • 63 months ago
  • 1 point

You sir, understand women. They don't want flowers, or chocolates. They want flipping Gaming PCs! +1 for awesome build/gift.

  • 63 months ago
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Haha thanks. C:

  • 63 months ago
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I do hope she rewards you like a sekirei would :3

  • 63 months ago
  • 2 points

Oh she does:=)

  • 61 months ago
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