A little bit of back story: tl;dr convinced wife I could build a rig cheaper then buying one

I finally convinced my wife that the 4 year old desktop we have is crap. Since she did not want me to get a ps4 we compromised on buying a gaming computer. I showed her an Asus with an Nvidea video card a Best Buy for $800, it was iffy. I told her i could build one for around half the cost that was better.

My first version of the build ended up costing around $800. i was shooting high and dreaming. I slowly worked my way to this build here and used ebay to get the price down even more on the RAM, PSU, and GPU. I know I'm took a risk and it has payed off

I am also using the DVDRW and 750 gb HDD out of the old computer.

Everything fit well in the case. The 3.5" bay were a little tight so it scratched up the sides of the HDD when I put it in.

Also after assembly when i tried to boot up nothing happened.... I thought the GPU was bad considering it was used off of Ebay. But after testing and having a buddy test all my parts and his on the computer we figured it was the Mobo DOA. So Newegg is processesing the RMA now on it.

Cable routing wasn't bad but i need to pick up a 12v 6pin extension since the cable goes right over the top of the gpu to reach.

With the money I saved, I'll be picking up a new mouse, keyboard, and a 2nd monitor at some point.

Ill be updating next week with more specs since i'm currently waiting, sadly.

Ill be using this as primarily as a gaming rig, and listening to music, while the wifey will be doing school work on it.

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  • 64 months ago
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looks good, can i ask why you rated the power supply a 3/5? this one is on my short list of possible psu's for the build i am working on now. i am going to give in and get the remainder of the parts in a few days

  • 64 months ago
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Most of the cables were just a little short for my tastes. I guess I should have made it 4 stars. It came with more then enough cables. Maybe its he combination with the mobo but 6 pin 12v had to go over the gpu in oder to get to the connector at the top of the case

  • 64 months ago
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Thanks for the quick response... I am still going to go with an ocz, but I'm going for the zt 650, bronze certified one. I am going to take a chance on the cable length. The 650 is the same price as the 550 right now.