Recently switched from an Alienware 17 r4 and this works far better. My old laptop was barely running 50-60 fps on 1080P games like Rocket League or PUBG/Fortnite, and now this new pc an run 80-90 FPS on (get this) 4K! definitely a great build, but it can take a day or two to make.

Part Reviews


Works well and is a great chip to use for gaming

CPU Cooler

Makes barely any noise and cools the pc much better than fans would


Great motherboard, just had to buy it because of the price


A little overboard for RAM, but so far it's working better than I thought. The cool part is that I can change the color in the corsair ICue app.


Decent SSD, that's all I can say. If you want to get a bigger SSD, then go ahead.


This hard drive was easy to install and is great for me because 2TB is all I'll ever need. The price is great and is definitely a steal.

Video Card

Impressive Graphics card from MSI. I was looking for the most affordable graphics card. This card has been the one that I was most confident would work. Since I have tried products like laptops from them, I felt good enough to order this, because I thought it would work well, and it does!


Oh boy, this case is probably one of the best cases out there. The clips that take apart the front and sides are a bit cheesy, but the LEDs on the outside of the case make up for it. You can change the LEDs on the outside with the Corsair ICue app that is on their website. If you're going to buy a case, go ahead, but make sure you look at this case before buying one.

Power Supply

It's a little over the top when you have a PC that only needs about 400W of power, but it overall good to plug in and turn off every night.

Operating System

Just works


This 4K monitor works great and is very easy to install.


Overall it's a good keyboard. I guess the fact that there are holes in the keyboard to get rid of the liquids in case you accidentally spill something is great. Especially since I like to eat and drink at my PC while I'm working. The only downside is that its a little hard to set up the LED pattern in the Razer app, but I guess that's a software problem.


In this case, you definitely get what you pay for, and that means a great mouse

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  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

Lucky dog, I’m stuck with a GTX 580 3GB and an i7-920 lol I get around 60-80 FPS in fortnite with high preset

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

That is still really good performance.

  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

You should really look for a new build. If it's that old, then try to sell the parts, or the pc as a whole and save up for a new one.

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey, I love your build I think it is amazing. Would you mind putting up a few more pictures of what it looks like from the outside? I would really love to see what that case looks like ( I'm thinking about getting the same one). Also, one more question since you are water cooling it are you planning to overclock your CPU or even overclock your GPU at all? Anyway great build I'm still on a gt 730 :) You got a plus one from me!

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

How hot is your pc? With a 1080, an i7 and that motherboard, it doesn’t really look like it’s heat sink can handle high specs like that.

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

Hi there, love your build, but I just was wondering how good the case was cable management wise, as I'm thinking about getting the same one. Thanks!