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Hi everyone! Here I am again with the first update of my peresonal rig. If you want to know the story behind this pc, feel free to check out my previous post.


  • Replaced the PNY geforce gt 730 for an EVGA geforce GTX 950 SC.

  • Replaced the Ultra LSP 750w psu for a thermaltake smart 750w (80+ bronze)

  • Upgraded to windows 10.

Future plans:

  • Replace case fans, especially the top one that sound like an old truck.

  • Add an SSD as boot drive and as storage for my favorite games.

  • Replace the stock cooler (that keeps my cpu surprisingly cool) for a quiter cooler that will also allow me to do some more serious overclocking.

  • And maybe at some point I will replace the case because it's old, damaged and cable management in this case is harder than you'd think.

  • Get 2x4gb ram instead of 4x2gb (what some of you recommended)

Now that I have a pc that can actually do 1080p gaming I can confidently say that I'm happy I joined the PCMR. If you have any questions feel free to leave them down below.


  • The witcher 3 Wild Hunt medium/high settings 1080p: 35-50Fps
  • The witcher 2 Assasins of Kings Ultra 1080p: 45-60fps
  • The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Ultra 2715x1527 DSR: 60Fps
  • Euro truck simulator 2 Ultra 1080p: 55-60Fps
  • CSGO Maxed out 2715x1527 DSR: 60fps (Without vsync @1080p around 170fps)
  • A story about my uncle Maxed out 1080p: 60Fps

Part Reviews


Still runs like a charm, haven't experienced any bottlenecking. Stock cooler runs surprisingly cool, but is very noisy. But overall I'm very happy with it.


Good motherboard that has all the futures that I need, overclocking is easy. The bios looks ancient though.


Does what it's suppose to do.


took it wih me from my old pc, nothing to compain about.

Video Card

i was very surpriced by the performance. It looks good, fit's in almost any case and doesn't get bottlenecked by my phenom ii x6.


Looks good. Top part broke after giving it a little bit of force. Cable management is much harder than I though, you can only hide the cables behind the motherboard, and when you have a non modular psu it's really hard to hide all those cables behind it. I spent at least 30 minutes trying to close the back panel while making optimal use of the available cable management feautures.

Power Supply

Haven't encountered any problems. runs nice and quite, nice black cables and the PSU even looks good in my case. But cable managing is terrible with a non modular PSU.

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  • 42 months ago
  • 1 point

I think not worth exchanging your ram, would be "better" but again not worth it.

  • 40 months ago
  • 1 point

Helppp I want to do a build similar same CPU I plan on ocing too I need 12 to 16 gb of ram I don't know yet over 4 tho and a 750 ti I don't hAve my parts figured out for sure except the case I was thinking about a node 202 or coolermaster elite (slim design) I like the phenom because it's a cheap 6 cores for the moment I also choose the fx eddiion for wen I upgrade can someone plez help this is a budget build so please don't recommend an i5 or i7

  • 40 months ago
  • 1 point

the am3 platform doesn't support mini itx motherboards. If you're only gonna play games 8gb of ram will do fine. Howerever if you wanna overclock get a 2x4gb kit of ddr3 and not 4x2 or something. To future proof I recommend getting a good am3+ mobo like the one from MSI (either a 970 or 990fx chipset). And don't worry about putting a phenom in an am3+ mobo. Regarding the GPU I recommend waiting for the gtx 1050 or getting an rx 470, both shouldn't cost more than 200 usd.

  • 40 months ago
  • 0 points

Hey josh there's a combo right now for 80 bucks comes with motherboard 4gbs of ram amd athlon 5150 quad core !! How's this for starting out ?? of course I can't play at high settings or anything but i can finish this build completely and pair 1gb 750 ti to it as well all this will be under 200$ !!! Ik it won't be the best experience but I planed no Matter what to buy another CPU /mobo on Black Friday this way I can have more money to spend for an fx 8 core or an quad core i5 or an 8 core Xeon I don't care about future poof as much as I miss playing video games ik it sounds stupid , I plan on reusing ram/psu/hdd/case but completely trashing/reselling CPu /mobo this is why I choose to pick a low end CPU then it's not as much as a waste if you understand my point

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice bang for your buck there. The SSD certainly would be nice upgrade. ADATA has 240 GB for around USD60.00.

If you looking to replace the stock cooler you could make DIY wraith. Get a good 80 mm fan put on a heat sink and THA DA .