My wife had a decent AMD build (FX 8350 oc to 4.3GHZ) with a GTX 660 and 8GB of memory. I only wanted to upgrade her GPU (which would required a higher PSU) and add 8gb of additional memory for video editing. This called for a new case as there was no room for additional liquid cooling (980ti hybrid). So, new GPU caused new case which caused me to think...., well if I'm already replacing the memory, GPU, PSU, and case.... lets sell and start from scratch!

This new build was designed for a minimalist appearance (grew tired of a see through case) and built to last her many years. The main uses would be WOW, hearthstone and video editing.

After thoughts; Should I have gone with Intel's newest architecture or held off to see what AMD has in store for us? Should I have gone with a 40 lane CPU vs the 28 lane? *Should I have gone for a the curved LG monitor, opted for a smaller 144hz, or stick with her current and get "her" the Oculus Rift in addition?

Onto the build; a. Case. 1. Pulled out three HDD cages. (256GB M.2 SSD will be going directly into the motherboard for OS, her 2 games and the 4tb My Cloud will store the pics and videos.) 2. I moved the front two 140mm 1100 watt fans to the top to act as a exhaust. I placed the H110i as the intake 3. I moved the back fan to the bottom to act as intake. The GPU's cooler went to the back. 4. To get the H110i to fit I had to drill screw holes in the case.

b. Motherboard. 1. installed the M.2, I had no idea how small it was going to be! Very cool. 2. I plugged every hole I could with dust caps that came with the mobo. 3. First case I've had with room for proper cable management, not sure how other people have proper looking cables going from case to mobo.

Part Reviews


Always been a AMD fanboy, I have now seen the light!


Beautiful, I love the dust covers!


So fast, wish I would have gone for the larger size.

Video Card

Why would you choose anything else?


Quality is untouchable. Incredibly large. Amazing amount of room for cable management and future upgrades. It is LARGE!

Minus 1 star for using black screws on a white case for the top.... really steals from appearance.

Operating System

Best of windows OS.


The light bleed sucks.


Could have done without but, wife wanted a new keyboard/mouse....

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  • 51 months ago
  • 2 points

Damn that's sexy. The build's pretty good too.

  • 51 months ago
  • 2 points

Great build and built for a super cute reason. Happy late anniversary to you two!

  • 49 months ago
  • 2 points

all for the wife huh??.... hehehe, great build, btw you could always just take some of her white nail polish for though's screws, or just spray paint them,

  • 49 months ago
  • 1 point

980Ti...5820K...16 gigs of RAM...for WoW...falls down