This is my 4th computer nuild and my first Mini ITX build. This build was extremely difficult for me as for my hands were too big to plug in certain components.

Cable Management is extremely difficult in this case and there is not a lot of space to move around the cables. I should have went with a modular PSU to save space but I went the cheap route. Eventually, I gave up trying to manage the cables. It became my goal to make sure that the cables to not interfere with the front fan.

The original MOBO I was using (AORUS/GIGABYTE B450-I) was dead on arrival. I had to upgrade to the ASUS ROG STRIX. I wanted to keep the MOBO and the GPU with the same manufacture but life happens!

This case shows more RGB lighting than I thought it would. I was surprise!

Link to the video of the build is below:


  • 4 months ago
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That case is amazing. I've always loved the H500, it looks like they just dremmeled the case across the middle for the H100.

  • 4 months ago
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It's a cool case. Temperatures and cable management with this one are my two biggest concerns. I didnt worry about that with th H500M