First AMD build. Desk, monitor, SSD, Vive and graphics card were used in my previous build. Wanted to upgrade my gaming experience from the 6600k so this time around I went with AMD. Will also do some video/photo editing. Hopefully this is a good build that can do a little of everything. May upgrade the graphics card when 3000 series Nvidia comes out.

Two minor issues. Had the pwr led and power on/off reversed 😖 the power button didn't work initially. Went into cam and noticed I also forgot to plug one of the rad fans into the 4 pin. So rpm isn't showing in cam. Really minor issues but all in all it went pretty smoothly.

My CPU seems to be topping out on boost clock around 4.398ghz. not too shabby. Overall performance increase over my i5-6600k is massive. I'm now getting 85-110 fps in assassin's Creed origins at 1440p with CPU usage around 50% and GPU around 98%. Most settings very high or ultra. On the i5 I was pegging 98-100% CPU usage.

Overall I do not see myself going back to Intel anytime in the future unless they really start to step up their performance. They have been a massive letdown lately. New reports showing their new 10th gen processors are drawing over 300w. For me at $330 this processor can do anything the i7-9700k does and even beats the 9900k in certain applications. Kind of an in between processor that works for me. Can't wait to try some video editing on this thing.

Part Reviews


So maybe it's just because I'm coming from an i5-6600k oc'd to 4.2ghz but so far I am loving the 3700X. No oc needed on this as the gains are minimal. In AC origins I'm getting 90-110fps on ultra at 1440p. Prior to upgrading I was lucky to get 60fps and the sporadic frame freezing was a huge issue. The faces and features of people also took forever to load on the 6600k. Same GC and ram I used for the 6600k but vastly improved performance overall.

CPU Cooler

Very quiet aio. People complain about cam software but I've used it for lighting prior to this. Mainly only use cam to get an idea of the temps and rpm's on fans/pump and to change lighting. Keep it at silent and it's been working perfectly.


First, yes it's expensive. But I have bought cheaper motherboards in the past only to be burnt by them not delivering what I need it to. This one checked all the boxes for me and while it's maybe overkill for now, I do plan on using pcie4 in the near future. Overall very stable and easy to use and build on. The lack of rgb was also a plus for me


Runs at rated 3200 speed. Looks decent and isn't overpriced.


Fast, very fast! Have no issues with it at all. The cloning software isn't great but just do a clean install. Better that way anyways.


Love the look but I really do wish it had a reset button. Probably would have still bought knowing it didn't but something to think about. Didn't get the i version because it's honestly garbage for extra $

Power Supply

Performing well and is more watts than I need but the rebate is super slow. I submitted the rebate in November and still nothing. 1 star off for that

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