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Issue with Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO mounting.


  • 81 months ago
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Why did you use an APU AND a discrete graphics card? Isn't the APU geared towards budget builds with no discrete GPU?

Also, what about a power supply?

  • 81 months ago
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Hi there...

I wanted to use the dual graphics mode.

Whats wrong with the PS? I know its over-kill.

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  • 80 months ago
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What's the issue you are having with the mounting of the CPU cooler? I am weighing whether or not to buy a CPU cooler with its own mounting brackets or the AMD Standard clip.

  • 80 months ago
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what is wrong with this build? first if you are going to use this for gmaing u got it all wrong. second the power supply. Do you know what 80 plus bronze, gold etc is? is yes why did u go with that psu. if ur system dies that will be the psu fault.