Built this PC after using laptop for more than 7 years. Have many games bought during Steam sales but was unable to play them, or at best, on low quality and resolution with the laptop struggling on heat issues most of the time.

Super Skylake, super expensive compared to the prices in the US, due to the fact this build was not based in the US. Coupled that with weaking of the currency against USD and additional taxes.

CPU Surprisingly, one of the expensive part in this build is cheaper than US-based merchant prices at the time of purchase. At the time of writing, the Intel Core i7-6700K is cheaper than Intel Core i7-5820K in my country.

CPU Cooler First foray into using AIO cooler. Serves well for me. Prefer it over using traditional air-based cooling solution.

Motherboard Entry level premium motherboard by ASUS on the Intel Z170 platform. Serves well for me.

Memory DDR4, 2 × 8GB, 2666MHz, CL15 memory for me. At the moment of writing, running at 2400MHz at default 1.2V with default motherboard's VCCIO (~0.9V) and System Agent voltage. Can tweak it to run at the original advertised speed for the RAM of 2666MHz that requires me to tweak the motherboard's VCCIO and System Agent voltage higher, to ensure successful system boot up.

Graphic Cards NVIDIA over AMD graphics card for me everytime. I don't consider price at this point for graphics card because there is more than just raw performance. Driver stability is one of the main factor when choosing graphic card vendor. Up until today, NVIDIA graphic's driver is better than AMD counterpart, historically. Although AMD is catching up with the driver aspect, it still has more to catch up on, even today.

Storage Samsung SSD all the way. First foray into SSD world was a purchase of Samsung 830 SSD for my laptop. Increases the performance by leaps and bounds.

Additional Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black for additional data storage. Still better than Caviar Blue or Caviar Green drives in the event I decides to offload some games to the HDD.

Power Supply Unit Don't skimp on PSU. It is the lifeline to the rest of the system. SeaSonic is the way to go. Update (Apr/2016): Replaced the PSU since it failed after barely 4 months of using them. Replacement unit came defective out of the box with the external PSU casing deformed on unboxing. Decided to forgo SeaSonic parts and go with Corsair AX860i digitally controlled PSU.

Casing Absolutely loving the Cooler Master CM 690 III ATX mid-tower case. Came with a side window panel.

Monitor Not going for gaming type monitor. Prefer a higher resolution at 2560 × 1440, IPS and DisplayPort input support. HDMI is garbage compared to DisplayPort. Not many company provide DisplayPort as input option. Dell is one of the consistent provider of DisplayPort monitor.

Keyboard Cherry MX Brown mechanical keys for the keyboard. Love it. Not too loud when typing. Good ergonomics. Ability to switch keycaps should I choose to in the future.

Mouse Decided to go for Logitech gaming mouse after previous two Roccat gaming mouse failed on me.

Headphones Leftover from when the time I was still using my laptop.

Overall PC will be used mainly for gaming. Overclocking will be considered in the future.


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For those people who complained that I favoured SeaSonic PSU only obviously doesn't have a clue about PSU at all. Also, I mentioned in my description that due to the fact the build was not based in the US, coupled with the weaking of my local currency against USD and taxes, the PSU is on the expensive side. Clearly you all didn't read through the description properly.

SeaSonic is an OEM and manufacture its own PSU and sell them under their own branding. Other companies such as Corsair, Cooler Master, EVGA, et. al. are not PSU OEMs. They purchase SeaSonic's design and sell them under their own brand name. Even then, only certain models of these companies' PSU lineup were of SeaSonic's design.

If you bought an EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2 1000W 80+ Platinum PSU, as one of the comentator commented, no, it was not SeaSonic's design.

Lets assume you bought Corsair AX760 PSU, yes, it was made by SeaSonic. The price at the time of writing for Corsair AX760 was USD 135.98 from and SeaSonic Snow Silent 750W was USD 175.98 from A 40 USD price difference.

However, what most people don't know is how the company, Corsair in this example, specifically request from the OEM, SeaSonic in this example, what kind of product they want, the exact tolerance of components used in the PSU, list of qualified component manufacturers, as well as the test requested during manufacturing. Yes, Corsair could request for SeaSonic's existing design to be made and re-branded under Corsair's name. However, Corsair may not know the exact details and its associated advantage and shortfall of the design unless Corsair design its own PSU from scratch and/or have really experienced engineers to analyse SeaSonic's design. Corsair may request for less test on the PSU manufactured due to the need of cost saving. It is also not uncommon for OEMs to hid away some of the data regarding the build quality for each batch of boards produced to their customer, just so that the OEM can present a good looking presentable data to their customer. Worse, some companies might just buy OEM's design and directly ask the OEM to re-brand them without specifying any additional requirement.

I work as a test engineer for OEMs and I know what are the metrices to look out for when buying a PSU.

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SeaSonic isn't always the way to go. You paid over $200 for that 750w PSU when you can get a TIER ONE EVGA 1000w 80+ Platinum rated PSU for under $190. Take a look:

A 1200w is only $10 more than yours. But, yours is still a solid choice.

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Is that reply supposed to mean something?

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I'd love to see your system!

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LMAO the seasonic psu made me laugh. And no pictures? what is this? i want to see a computer not some specs...


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You need some pictures.

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