Great 4K gaming rig dual AIO. RTX 2080 super XC Hybrid 9600k i5

The story.... You know what it’s like when a new game comes out and pushes you rig to the limits? For me, that was Red Dead 2. A beautiful game and I could see I Was missing the best of it on my 3 year old system. Time for an upgrade....

I had been watching prices of particular components for weeks, the prices seemingly as cheap as I have ever seen so decided to start buying part over the last few weeks.

The Evolve shift was the case for me. Awesome design and brilliantly thought out inside. Amazing build quality and perfect for my needs. This machine is my console crusher and is used in the living room for day to day gaming. Draw up my armchair, sit with my couch master gaming board, and off you go. No bad back sat at a computer desk!

The budget was simple, I want bang for buck so no gimmicks. Simple cooler design, ram design and fans. I was enticed by coolers with graphics on them, rgb fans and ram, but stick to the budget, you don’t need the gimmicks....

The build was pretty simple. The order of the build important in preparation. CPU, RAM and M.2 all installed before going into the case. Once in, cooler screwed into place and then the rad, fan screwed in place at the front of the machine. This case is know to have restricted airflow so I decided the cpu cooling will come from the difficult front vents. This is an inlet so fan was swapped around to draw air in onto the rad. I then fitted all cables I could connect and place roughly where they needed to go. The large case fan is left as a push fan to blow air out the front next to the rad. Could be some heat bleed over so might tweak this under the front panel to stop later on. Then the evga power supply was fitted. Still not sure if it would have been easier to put the connects in before fitting as I did it the other way which was fiddly! Once in, I connected the cables and thought of placement ready for tidying at the end. Once done I fitted the graphics card, the 2080 super hybrid card from evga. This was a big spend in the build, I was originally going to fit the 2070 super version which I think is great price to power ratio but then, whatever just get the best you can afford. So the card goes onto the riser which was already loosened and left loose though cables were connected. It was a bit tricky as space is now limited, but keep at it and it clicks into place. Then the rad and fan. Again, swap the fan around, it needs to pull air into the rad but slightly different the fan goes under the chassis. Clever work from Phanteks here giving the option. So that’s bit was easy, then connecting the gpu, very tricky! Best way was bending the wires and connecting with the riser still loose. That gives perhaps 5mm play which you need to plug these connectors in. After that, fit the final cabling to finish off then give it a little test in my case, installing windows .

This was a fun build, a nice project with a lot of pre thought on the order to approach things but this is good practice on all builds I’m sure. Once last thing, remove all dust filters! Top and bottom have filters, and the small cut out sections front and back have thin 20mm wide filters. Remove these to improve airflow and lowering the temps. Very important. I highly recommend this case and do suggest dual AIO to keep everything ok.

Back to Red Dead 2...... I was playing in 1080, 60fps with select medium high ultra settings. Gpu Temps were 76 to 79 deg c..... cpu 66 deg c I am now playing in 4K at 52 - 55fps with the exact same settings. 62 to 66 deg c and cpu 61 to 64 deg c. Some room to overclock and see if I can get it to 60fps.....

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  • 2 months ago
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Great one +1

  • 2 months ago
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Great build... considering a similar configuration... would like to see some more pics on the graphics card side of the house to understand the fit better (although you describe it well). :) +1

  • 1 month ago
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Are you using the standard gpu cables, and if so how are they?